6th to 8th September 2024

Serpentine Camping Center

For year 10's to 17yo's

Our aim is to help our older youth successfully transition into young adults who are faithful disciples of Jesus

The vision of this Youth Conference is to see churches throughout WA bringing together their finest and best resources, coming together for one intentional weekend, to invest in the next generation.


We want to see youth forge lasting and deep friendships within their church community and without so that they can spur each other on to live faithfully for the Lord Jesus.


We want to nurture the spiritual growth of the youth by providing resources, experiences, and training that will deepen their understanding of the gospel so that they are empowered to boldly live out their faith in utter dependance on the grace of God.

We want to see youth grow to become leaders who serve the Lord Jesus with the humility and compassion of the Lord Jesus.


We want to see youth inspired to be ambassadors of the gospel in every area of their lives.

We want to equip and encourage youth with the skills and confidence to actively engage in winning the world for Christ both locally and globally.

Topic: Who am I?

If someone were to ask “what makes you, you?” How would you begin?

It’s a question I think most of us would struggle to answer, but it’s immensely important because the way we understand ourselves shapes every aspect of our life. Over this weekend we're going to explore this topic because we want to avoid two dangers.

The first danger is that we live without an answer to this question, and—like driving without directions—we are left aimless and unsure what our life is all about. The second danger is that we do answer this question, but we get it wrong—and like driving with the wrong directions—we find that what we have been aiming for will leave us lost and lonely.

So come along and dig into what God has to say about the who, what, why, and how of the things that make you, you. In doing so we hope we’ll find the answer more captivating, life-giving, and joyful than we ever thought possible.


Aidan Smith

Aidan was born in Tasmania but raised in Perth, WA. He studied Engineering and Design at UWA before working in community development for a few years. He is married to Jess, and they have a son who is still learning to laugh at his jokes.

Aidan is currently completing his MDiv at Trinity Theological College and serves as a Student Minister at Providence City alongside his studies. He loves reading old books, fantasy fiction, and most sports—but would much rather be playing than watching it.

How to get involved

This conference runs a little bit different to other youth camps. Please see our FAQ below.

If you don't see your church listed on the registration form please contact your youth pastor.

Youth Pastors: Please fill out and return this MOU.

Youth: Registrations will open soon!


Where: Serpentine Camping Centre, 22 Transit Rd Jarrahdale WA 6124

When: Friday, 6th of September 2024, 7pm to Sunday, 8th of September 12noon

Who: Youth in years 10 to 12.

Cost: Youth $155 // Leaders $90


Friday Evening

7pm Arrive

7:30pm Main Session 1


Main Session 2

Morning Tea

Elective 1*


Elective 2*

Church Time

Main Session 3

Sunday Morning

Main Session 4

12:00noon Go home

(There will be seperate electives for youth and leaders designed for them)


How is this conference different to other youth camps or conferences?

The biggest difference is that attendees come as part of their church and with their leaders. We want to help the youth and leaders build friendships with other churches but also within your own church.

Who is this conference for?

This conference is for school aged youth in years 10 to 12. But there will be some "youth" who may be 18yo in year 12 and we would love for them to still come but we ask that they attend as a leader rather than a youth.

Who provides the leaders?

We want to help you intentionally invest in your youth, therefore each church will provide leaders for their youth.

How do I register my church and my youth for this conference?

The first step is to register your church by getting your a pastor or ministry leader to fill in and submit the Memorandum of Understanding listed above. We will then add your church to the rego form so that people can start registering.

What is 'church time'?

Church Time is an opportunity for you as a church to do whatever you want. You may decide to play a massive game of soccer against another church or you may decide to go on a walk or to do some more church specific training. The choice is yours!

What about year 12s who have turned 18?

All people over 18 will need a current WWCC and will fall under you church's safe church policies regardless of their current school year. They will need to sleep in the leaders dorms but they may wish to attend the youth electives. All other activities will be combined youth and leaders.


If you have any questions or concerns please email: youth@pgp.org.au